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. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry made a stop in iraq today. kerry med with iraq's prime minister for what was described as a very spirited discussion. they talked about iraq's delegate and preparing for upcoming elections. >> we all want to see iraq succesuc succe succeed. such an. the world has an interest in seeing iraq take a leading role in the region as a functning democracy. >> the talk also focused on iraq granting iran access to its air space. u.s. officials believe iranian jets are carrying weapons and fighters to support the syrian government. iran and iraq have claimed the flights are for humanitarian purposes. >>> still ahead, thousands on hand as pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass. but you might be surprised by his message today. >>> plus, rita moreno making an appearance as an east bay theater during a screening of one of her oscar-award winning classics. >>> a warm day in the bay area today. we managed mid 70s for highs. one of the changes we're seeing tonight, ahead of spring showers, coming back into the forec
of the most well known gaming companies in the world. electronic arts announced that john rick tello is stepping down. e.a. was voted the worst company in america in a poll during his stay here. >>> the singer stunning the crowd last night. many people just walking out after hearing the artist make antigay remarks. i want to show you video posted on youtube which shows her singing at the l.a. church where she became a born again christian. she went on antigay tirade. other bay area venues cancelled schedule events in response to hearing what happened. >>> if you haven't already, grab your kleenex. allergy season is in full bloom. marianne favro joins us with what is to blame here. >> reporter: this is a tale of beauty and the boost. the beauty is the blooms. the beast is the fact that the trees are relacing tons of pollen and that is creating an early al surgery season. >> these early blooms are a dream. for people with allergies they are a nightmare. >> my eyes were very irritated. i kept rubbing and rubbing and they kept being irritated. new to the area i thought it must be pollen
cheating. lindsay lohan, her best and worst. now trending new clues to katy perry's split from john meyer. was it jealousy? >> the high school senior begging kate to be hit date. >> give him credit, he went for it. >> will she accept his proposal? we have her answer. then "the bible" producers mark burnett and roma downey fire back, the uproar as some say satan resembles obama. plus the stars with a huge crush on jesus. >> i'm speaking of the actor, of course. >> music's biggest, the new interview with clive clive on his war of words with kelly clarkson. >> kelly and my relationship has been incredibly successful. >> plus -- >> are you going to take a drive with me. >> "extra's" day in the life with usher backstage with the newly revamped "the voice." >> "extra, extra!". >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. coming up is jenny mccarthy replacing joy on "the view"? first, lindsey vonn dissing tiger before they hooked up. we have got it and why she regrets what she said. >> it may be the joke lindsey vonn wishes she never cracked about tiger wo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3